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Charlie is currently finishing her Publishing and Creative Writing course at Bath Spa University. Her passions include reading, writing, the unlimited uses for coconut oil and, unashamedly, Robbie Williams. It has recently come to light that the Queen’s Great Granddaughter was named after her, Charlie was chuffed as it resulted in free pizza.

Every Dead Thing, a Charlie Parker Digital Diary Commentary.



Every Dead Thing is the first book in the Charlie Parker thriller series by the Irish born author John Connolly. The thriller series follows the former police detective Charlie Parker as he attempts to solve some of the grizzliest and quite often supernatural murders. The first book is based around the murder of Parker’s wife and daughter which leads him to some terrifyingly dark places. Connolly has been described by the Independent as ‘A passionate advocate of crime fiction, he nevertheless kicks constantly against the limitations of his genre: his hard-boiled detective stories are regularly cut with supernatural narratives and literary prose.’[1]

It is Connolly’s influential writing that drew me to his stories, Every Dead Thing is a book that has many twists and turns with unexpected results which make it such a pleasure to read. While his characters don’t conform to what is generally expected of crime books, their profiles are unique and captivating, drawing you further into his writing. This led me to the decision of creating an online diary for Parker that allows me to write new unknown information to coincide with the first book. I found this idea attractive as, ‘Telling the same story from a different point of view, for instance, can create a manifestly different interpretation’ [2]. This project gave me the opportunity to create my own version of what happened behind the scenes of the book, getting into the head of Connolly and his writing style. As explained by Crime Fiction Lover ‘Charlie Parker books all offer solid and original mysteries. He is a PI, after all,’ [3] and this is what I will continue to portray.

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