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Sarah is a English Literature/Publishing student at Bath Spa University. Wonderings into the digital world with her environmental, bookish, fashion and travelling tendencies.

Digital Adaptation: Show Strands

Strands by Jean Sprackland first caught my attention in my Environmental Crisis module where the purity of her place writing transported me to the Ainsdale Sands between Blackpool and Liverpool where she shares a year of discoveries found on its shoreline. The impact of these discoveries drew out several conclusions from me, I found a sense of nostalgia and adventure along with a connectivity to the land and environment and a discoverability of the inhabitants of the ecosystem. When I thought of Strands and how much Sprackland’s discoveries proposed wider, more meaningful questions I realised a digital adaptation could give a reader experiencing Sprackland’s place writing so much more to engage with to enhance their experience.

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On The Road App: Is it a few beats short of capturing Kerouac’s spirit?

With On The Road holding such a permanent place in my heart (I hear some rolling eyes) experiencing the app with an open mind (and heart) has been difficult to say the least. Here I will be giving my opinion on the elements of the app I think worked, and parts I think didn’t. I think the app satisfies a reader who wants to learn and discover more, to a degree. But the app’s aesthetic, (in my mind) goes against the ‘beat’ essence On The Road is famed for reflecting. It is, after a noble effort, completely spiritless. Feel free to comment further on my review, I know there were plenty of varied opinions opened up in class. Mine is just one of many!

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