Class of 2014/15

Meet the class:

  • Charlie


    Charlie is currently finishing her Publishing and Creative Writing course at Bath Spa University. Her passions include reading, writing, the unlimited uses for coconut oil and, unashamedly, Robbie Williams. It has recently come to light that the Queen’s Great Granddaughter was named after her, Charlie was chuffed as it resulted in free pizza.

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  • Chelsea Brown

    Chelsea Brown

    Chelsea is a karaoke enthusiast. Her other interests include attempting to read the Man Booker Prize shortlist, blogging and tweeting about Sarah & Duck. In her spare time, she likes baking cakes and writing songs about popular daytime TV show Pointless.

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  • Elisa

    Elisa is not defined by her course, but if you must know, she does publishing with creative writing at Bath Spa university. She also enjoys filming, playing guitar and writing music, drawing, making jewellery and chocolate.

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  • Gavin Wilshen

    Gavin Wilshen

    Gavin is a technical demonstrator at Bath Spa University and freelance designer. Key skills: Answering emails, design & illustration, building Wordpress sites, playing guitar and generally being neurotic.

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  • Georgie


    Georgie is a English Literature and Publishing student at Bath Spa University. While not in front of a book she is behind her camera taking hundreds of photos so, statistically, one is bound to be good. Above all, she enjoys and actively seeks out opportunities to learn from those who are wise.

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  • holly.smithson12


    Holly is a Publishing and Creative Writing student at BSU. She is the editor for @MilkBathSpa and a CELTA qualified foreign language English teacher. She likes travelling, food and wine. She also has a childhood obsession with sharks, and is a firm supporter of The Shark Trust.

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  • Jordan Forward

    Jordan Forward

    Publishing and history student at Bath Spa University. Writer, gamer and watcher of films. Generally a great guy.

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  • joshua.ryall12

    Josh studies Creative Writing and Publishing at Bath Spa University and writes for Also has an uncanny ability for identifying flags of the world.

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  • Kirsty Drummond

    Kirsty Drummond

    Growing up in Cornwall was like living in a bubble. Now I live in Bath where I'm adventurous and eat things like avocado chocolate mousse - check me out! I'm studying Publishing at Bath Spa University, as it goes, so maybe one day you'll see me in Vogue hanging out with Cara Delevingne at Mulberry HQ but more likely talking about how great that avocado chocolate mousse actually was...

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  • natasha.diamond12


    Natasha is a Bath Spa University student working towards an English Literature and Publishing degree. She enjoys travelling, reading books, eating food, drinking gin and blogging about it.

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  • Nina Kicul

    Nina Kicul

    Third year student at Bath Spa University currently studying Publishing and Media Communications. I love magazines, coffee table books, fashion, beauty, design and all things print and digital. All I want in life is a Pug.

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  • Rosie Maynard

    Rosie Maynard

    Rosie is a Publishing with English Literature student at Bath Spa University. She worked as an Editorial Moderator for the Letter to an Unknown Soldier project. She has also done editorial work for the FWSA blog and is Marketing Director for milk magazine.

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  • Rosie Tobutt

    Rosie Tobutt

    Rosie is a Publishing and Creative writing student at Bath Spa university. She loves books, and hopes to one day get her own works published. Is slightly obsessed with cats. Worked on the 14-18 NOW project Letter To An Unknown Soldier as an Editorial moderator.

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  • sarah.woodier12


    Sarah is a English Literature/Publishing student at Bath Spa University. Wonderings into the digital world with her environmental, bookish, fashion and travelling tendencies.

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  • Tamsin Asplin

    Tamsin Asplin

    Tamsin is an English Literature and Publishing student at Bath Spa University. Key skills include editing and using industry software such as Adobe Indesign. These skills are combined with a strong passion for reading.

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  • timothy.parry12

    Timothy Parry is a Creative Writing and Publishing student at Bath Spa University. Key Skills: Copywriting and editing, design, socialising and gaming. Worked on the 14-18NOW project 'Letter To An Unknown Soldier' as an Editorial Moderator.

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