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Digital Adaptation: Show Strands

Strands by Jean Sprackland first caught my attention in my Environmental Crisis module where the purity of her place writing transported me to the Ainsdale Sands between Blackpool and Liverpool where she shares a year of discoveries found on its shoreline. The impact of these discoveries drew out several conclusions from me, I found a sense of nostalgia and adventure along with a connectivity to the land and environment and a discoverability of the inhabitants of the ecosystem. When I thought of Strands and how much Sprackland’s discoveries proposed wider, more meaningful questions I realised a digital adaptation could give a reader experiencing Sprackland’s place writing so much more to engage with to enhance their experience.

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Commentary on The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Social Media Adaptation

Carson McCullers is often thought of ‘as somehow frozen into youth’[1] having done most of her work before she was thirty and dying when was fifty. As Kasia Boddy says, ‘[McCullers] did not simply write about female adolescents but wrote with the sensibility of one; forever thirteen…’[2] With this in mind, I thought an adaptation of her first novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, would be perfect for social media. Considering the themes of social isolation of the novel, I thought it also tapped in the modern debate of how much social media is affecting social interaction; and whether despite connecting us on a global level, are social media platforms actually socially isolating us more?[3] Having known of the success of last year’s social media adaptation of The Great Gatsby, I was keen to replicate their success.

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